NEWYOU Announces Plans To Release A Unique, Proprietary, Water-Soluble CBD (Canabidiol) Product Into US Market

NEWYOU, a health and wellness company, is launching into the US market with its unique, proprietary, water-soluble CBD Drops. Utilizing Nanotechnology for better efficacy, the company expects to attract sophisticated CBD consumers and carve out a large share of the US CBD market.

 — NEWYOU, based in Carlsbad, CA, announced today its plans to enter the rapidly growing, $7.1 Billion CBD (Canabidiol) market. According to company founder, and CEO, Ray Grimm Jr., the company is poised to release its unique, water-soluble CBD product, utilizing Nanotechnology for greater efficacy. With most CBD tinctures in the market being oil based, NEWYOU expects to get the attention of sophisticated CBD consumers who are looking for high-quality CBD products that deliver consistent results. According to Grimm, the company plans to start shipping its flagship product called DROPS™ in early August and is expecting brisk sales of the product.

DROPS™, is a tasteless and odorless beverage enhancer containing CBD and is specially formulated for greater efficacy and more consistent results. Each bottle contains 220mg of Canna-actives™, a Phytocannabinoid Collodiol Complex, and is Nano-Amplified™, which Grimm says, makes NEWYOU’ CBD more potent and more bio-available per mg than other CBD products in the marketplace.

NEWYOU, opted for Direct Selling as their distribution method for their products. Growing in popularity, as well as respectability, Direct Selling is rapidly becoming a preferred choice for companies to get their products to Global Markets, and in record time. According to Grimm, the company expects to launch with at least Five thousand distributors and expects that number to rapidly increase once consumers have an opportunity to experience NEWYOU’ products.

Professionals are quickly taking note of NEWYOU, including Veteran Internet Marketer Eric Grant. Grant, a serial entrepreneur, has a 20 year background in network and affiliate marketing. Eric has built several sales networks into the multiple thousands of individuals, by utilizing online skills and methods. Connect with Eric.

More Product Info:
NEWYOU’ DROPS™ uses a revolutionary technology that provides the health-enhancing benefits of CBD isolate in nano-sized particles (the size that can move through cell membranes) that are encased in water molecules. The initial DROPS™ offering will be a pure Nano-CBD Active formula that’s tasteless and oderless. This Nano-CBD Active technology allows for larger CBD particles to be broken apart into hundreds of thousands of smaller individual particles and literally encase them into nano-size water clusters. The end result is nano CBD-infused liquid enhancer that has the greatest potential of delivering the benefits of CBD more effectively at the cellular level than standard CBD delivery systems.