Tell your stomach you’re not hungry. Sometimes called nature’s “skinny sponge” this appetite suppressing Japanese root can absorb more than 200 times its weight in water creating a sense of fullness while helping your body soak up and eliminate extra carbs and cholesterol in the process.

Fat Reducing Glucomannan Formula

  • Suppress Appetite
  • Reduce Fat Absorption
  • Control Glycemic Levels

Is Glucomannan used in ABSORB safe?
Glucomannan is a natural water soluble dietary fiber from the japanese Konjac root that’s highly viscous. It is safe in both food and supplement form, as long as it is taken as directed with water.

How does Glucomannan work for weight management?
Many studies indicate that Glucomannan may be helpful with weight management. It can absorb up to 200 times its weight in water making you feel full. As such, it due to its high viscosity, it decreases appetite and helps increase elimination. Glucomannan has also been shown in studies to improve cholesterol levels (lowering LDL), regulate blood sugar and promote regularity.

Does Glucomannan have any noticeable negative effects I should be aware of?
While the majority of Glucomannan users report no negative effects, it’s possible that people who consume a low-fiber diet may experience some minor bloating, temporary constipation, gas and softer stool at first until their body adapts to a higher fiber intake. In any event, be sure to drink plenty of water when taking the product and throughout the day.

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