NEWYOU CBD Body Butter. A unique smart-delivery system that gives you time-released bursts of micro-encapsulated Cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBC and CBDA to give you benefits all day and all night.

newyou cbd body butter

INGREDIENTS: Organic African Shea Butter, Organic Kokum Butter, Organic Mango Butter, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Phytozomes TM

(Micro-encapsulated Time-Released Cannabinoid Extract†), Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Organic Rose Hip Oil, Organic Vanilla Oil, Vitamin E.


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Dry Skin, Skin Rash, Skin Crack, Tough or Rough Skin On Feet, Skin Peeling after training, Blemishes and Wrinkles, Itching Skin, Sunburn, Small Skin Wounds, Insulation against cold, Frost bites, Stretch Mark Prevention during pregnancy, Insect Bites, Muscle Fatigue, Aches and Tension, Skin Allergies such as Poison Ivy & Oak, Eczema, Dermatitis.   

Wanna know more?…

New You’s Whipped Face and Body butter packs a long list of the best ingredients into one formula making this balm a one of a kind go to product for everything skin!

Whether your in your teens and you’re trying to control your skins natural oil production, or in your 20’s and you’re looking to deeply nourish and amplify a youthful glow this is your new go to.

If you’re 3 months pregnant and concerned about stretch marks or you’re stepping into your 30’s and hoping to prolong your radiance or you’re finally reaching the “Big 4 O” and hoping to tackle a few new lines around the eyes this product will prove to exceed your expectations at every turn.   

You’ll be blown away when you’re in your 50’s and 60’s and you’d like to shave off 10+years because you’ll find that this face and body solution is your secret weapon that will continue earning you complements from your closest friends and family members for all your years and through each stage you and your skin enter into.

And If that’s not enough already…. it gets even better!…

Dry itchy skin??   This will blow away anything you have ever tried!

Unbalanced skin conditions causing you to resort to dangerous steroid creams??   

You can kiss that junk goodbye and bask in the comfort of knowing you have transitioned from resorting to what you thought was a necessary evil to a skin strengthening remedy that improves your skins natural resistance  with each use!

Slept on your left arm all night and woke up with the worst kink in your neck and a sore shoulder?

Yep, it even works on that too and much better than all of those expensive CBD pain balms that can’t penetrate beyond the surface.

What makes this so versatile and special and most of all effective you ask?   Well you must have heard by now of CBD but have you tried micro-encapsulated broad spectrum CBD?

We’re talking a 4-layer biLipid with millions of tiny CBD particles along with other natural Cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, and CBDA which have proven already on their own to have anti -inflammatory, UV protection and oil production control capabilities.

These THC-free cannabis constituents are then stacked inside each of the 4 layers.

You may be wondering what the layers are made of?

Well, if you are it’s a great question because this is where the game-changer exists.

The layers are made of the same building blocks that are already inside your skin!   

This makes it easy for the skin to accept these spheres deep into the dermis versus your skin acting like a protective barrier as it does with other CBD infused cosmetics where it only sits on the surface.   

CBD is a very thick sticky dense oil substance. It is virtually impossible for it to do anything but remain on your skins surface regardless of what product it’s in.

However, through advanced techniques, state-of-the-art equipment and skillful chemistry, the dense CBD oil can be broken apart into millions and millions of extremely tiny particles.

Yet that alone still won’t do the trick because your skin won’t recognize this compound and will revert to keeping it on its surface.

This is where the multi-layered biLipid makes all the difference with its  “Layers” being made of the same substance your skin is made of!

By cleverly stacking these tiny CBD, CBG, CBC and CBDA particles in between these layers your skin will now welcome its familiar counterparts deep inside the dermis where after these outer layers dissipate, the millions of CBD particles can start working their magic!

This happens once, twice, three times and finally four times before it’s finished which is why it’s called a “4 layer biLipid Time-released ingredient”.   Having this prolonged effect and allowing to go deep inside the skin is two of the main reasons why this topical breakthrough formula is able to be such a high achiever.   

However, that’s not where its uniqueness ends.  This balm is packed with not 2, or 3 special oils but a full list of the most sought after skin solving oils including Organic rose hip, Organic avocado, Organic jojoba, Organic boabab, Organic cannabis sativa seed, and Organic argan formulated into Organic African Shea, Organic kokum, and Organic mango butters!   

The only ingredient used to create its delicious aroma is the one and only Organic Vanilla Oil (also known as a topical  treatment oil that’s hydrating and non-comedogenic) and the only ingredient used to keep this product fresh and shelf stable is the age old skin care ingredient we all know and have used…good ole’ Vitamin E.   

Yes, finally a product packed with more than just great all natural ingredients, … a product that actually offers a bit of heaven.  

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